Stamina over all?

As you can see in this thread, the great “stamina over everything” debate has yet to be put to bed in any meaningful fashion.

I’m not necessarily linking this to continue a debate, but more as a mark of posterity to a topic that I’ve contributed to heavily.

The language is often colourful, but many valid points are made and it’s worth keeping an eye on it.



2 Responses to “Stamina over all?”

  1. Dreador Says:

    You know, that stupid argument went on for 8 pages, and is probably going to go longer. Do yourself a favor and stay off the WoW forums for any kind of intelligent discussion. Nothing you said had the tiniest bit of impact on anything those people were thinking. No one was open-minded. This is the norm, just stay away. If you want some actual intelligent discussion on the issue, hit up or something like that instead.

  2. Zellviren Says:

    As you may have seen from the links, I spend a good bit of time over at TankSpot and, after Veneretio's blog, it's where I do the most reading.That community is generally brighter, more open-minded and up for intelligent debate because it's properly moderated.However:The WoW Europe forums are typically good for testing out theories or simply airing them, as there are plenty of ignorant and arrogant individuals who are convinced that their way is the way.This makes for conversations that quickly pick up pace and attract similar minded people who are quick to throw in their pre-conceived notions, usually based on what the original poster said.In short, it's a great testing ground for any idea that needs to be strongly engaged with because it will either survive there and be worthwhile, or it won't.Plus, I often find that the WoW Europe forums are where people need the most help.Maybe I'm being too much of a martyr.Damn. 😦

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