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Warrior ability: Call of War


After going through Ghostcrawler’s post on “Hybrid tax”, I wanted to share a notion that hit me and may get missed by those who read a bit of the mentioned thread and ignored the rest, or who simply didn’t click it for having the notion “not again”…

Basically, the argument is that hybrids must have a form of performance tax in order to make sure pures don’t get rubbed out of the game. That’s fine. It’s also posited that hybrids should have excellent utility in order to stop THEM from declining. Ignoring the rest of the points previously made, the warrior is the one hybrid class that is badly lacking in attractive utility for a raid setting because they lack buffs. Most buffs have been spread around a bit in order to promote the “player not class” mantra, but as warriors are doing slightly less DPS than a pure and have no real buffs of note, the question is why you’d take a warrior to a raid.

Let’s argue warriors need a raid wide buff.

Let’s also note that “shouts” are the compelling method of buff for the developers.

Let’s finally spot the one excellent buff that is in the game and only provided by a single class; thus, could do with more representation.

We then finally arrive at the new warrior ability for CataclysmCall of War.

Call of War (30 rage):

Increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 30% for all party and raid members. Lasts 40 sec. After the completion of this effect, those affected will become Sated and unable to benefit from Call of War again for 10 min.

Look familiar?

It should.

All of a sudden, one terrific buff is spread out a little (making one class less mandatory) and warriors get the utility that they otherwise crave.

[The following was what I posted in response to other authors.]

I’m glad to see most people think this is a good idea and that the “lol warz fine nub l2p” brigade have left it alone; getting a bit bored with those people, to be honest.

I actually did a bit of a guild chat last night regarding this and even those who’ve listened to my QQ about warriors in the past agreed that the notion was both fair and fitting. We discussed what buffs people think are generally the best and, yep, you guessed it:

Blessing of Kings
Gift of the Wild

A few people like Prayer of Fortitude a lot, but that’s more for the “look at my health” factor as opposed to an increase in performance. The other one that continually came up was, of course, combat ressurection. The problem, of course is that there’s something of a pattern here.

The hybrids with more than two available raid specs seem to also be the ones with the best buffs. I’m struggling to see how this can be considered reasonable from a balance point of view. As hinted in my original post, I think the 5% tax (simple number) across all hybrids is reasonably fair to avoid druids being next to useless in every environment. However, that is on the understanding that hybrids also bring that “additional” utility to a raid that is currently seeing priests, death knights and warriors (the latter two particularly) somewhat short changed.

And when you consider that druids, the only four-role class in the game, have got both Gift of the Wild AND Rebirth, I don’t see how the developers can justify this argument on the utility of hybrids being used to balance them out.

Warriors need something to bring to a raid because they lack any kind of unique buffs or additional utility. None of the hybrids can do anything other than what they’re specced for in the current raid environment for Wrath of the Lich King. The developers have also been keen to make sure no class becomes “mandatory” for an encounter, but ask anyone who’s ever raided if they like to go without a shaman; they don’t.

Bloodlust needs another class to represent it.
Warriors lack raid utility badly and are the obvious choice for a Bloodlust variant.
Let’s see it done, Blizzard.

P.S – I think the combat ressurection should also see another class represent it and, in my view, a priest is the obvious choice, with the spell taking the form of a prayer. Just thought I’d throw that in there, because it seems a bit odd that the only class with two healing trees doesn’t have combat ressurection.