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Recount Retardation


Recount lies.

No, I’m serious; it really does.

And if I was to say to you what I think is largely responsible for the current abundance of DPS players that simply cannot wait for a tank to even pull off one GCD, I’d say Recount is right up there.

Before going any further, I’d like to say that I have Recount as part of my UI because, as a raid leader, I often need to know who’s doing what. But presentation of the information is HUGELY different to what that informatin actually implies; therefore, the capability to properly analyse what is on Recount is absolutely fundamental before you even consider linking it in party chat. I wish people understood that.

Let’s be honest.

How many people have seen a DPS player link their Recount continuously throughout an instance? I guarantee most of you have come across it. How many people have been in a group when a person (typically the same one over and over) continously asks what his DPS is? Again, I guarantee everyone is familiar with it. It’s unlucky, but a sad fact that people now look at what they’re doing from a purely numerical point of view and consider it synonymous with high performance. I only wish there were a way to make it clear to people that Recount statistics, without context, are TOTALLY AND UTTERLY MEANINGLESS.

Let me tell you a story.

I recall, a while back, playing my priest on a 10 man pick up raid of the Obsidian Sanctum. My spec was Discipline and the other two healers were a restoration shaman and a holy paladin. After a generally uneventful trash clear (including Vesperon, Tenebron and Shadron), it was decided that I would raid heal while topping off the add-tank, and let the paladin do the job of healing up the main tank. Needless to say, Sartharion went down without incident and I was fortunate enough to win the T7 glove token when it dropped. Up pops the raid death knight with the immortal statement:

“lol nubs always roll good”.

He then linked the healing meter from the fight, showing me clearly in last place behind both the shaman and paladin on heals done. Naturally, this was succeeded by the obligatory “lol/rofl/lmao” stream of condemnation that typically accompanies such jibes. Awesome. I was with a raid that had absolutely no idea of context, nor any inclination to understand it. Naturally, I went on to explain that the paladin had used Holy Light for over 95% of spells cast with an overhealing percentage beyond 85%, while the shaman had spammed Chain Heal to the tune of 79% and managed to run at over 60% overheals. In comparison, I had managed to use Renew, Prayer of Mending, Flash Heal and Power Word: Shield while managing to run at a mere 16% overhealing; I didn’t use Penance once. Not withstanding the fact my mana and cast efficiency were considerably better than my counterparts, there is no way of telling how much damage I prevented by using shields. All this was with the backdrop of not a single death (despite people being caught in fires) and the only player who went under 70% of his health was the main tank.

This is a sobering story and should amply illustrate why Recount figures, though fun, should be taken with a grain of salt unless presented under the right context. That is why I intend to set up a raid rule that nobody is to link, or request a link from, Recount throughout a raid evening.

Throughout the course of an encounter, there are too many variables that skew the results and give false numbers that either inflate or deflate an accurate view on performance. It also never helps to link DPS meters during a raid when there will always be people doing less damage, who may simply think that they are not contributing as much to the raid and lose even more heart as a result. And when you’re moving nicely, with bosses going down, why bother about how much more damage than your team mates you are doing? You couldn’t do so much damage if your tank wasn’t geared for more threat. And your tank couldn’t gear for more threat if he didn’t have a strong healer. Raiding is a team relay, with all members interdependent on each other and working for the long haul. The burst out of the blocks is meaningless when it doesn’t contribute to the whole picture.

Let your raid leader worry about the meters.

It’s their job.